1. Apply online. The process takes approximately 5 minutes.

2. Know your previous work history.

3. Bring two forms of ID to complete the I-9 form that proves you can legally work in the United States.

4. Be clean and neat for your interview, when in-person or virtual. We are your potential employer. You need to be clean and neat and dressed appropriately to make a good first impression!

5. Know the type of position that you are looking for. Be prepared to tell us about the skills you possess and the positions that you have held in the past.

6. Provide at least three work-related references, addresses and phone numbers. Our clients usually have us check references. (These references cannot be family members or close friends).

7. Always be on time for in-house interviews and interviews with clients.

8. Follow up with our office on your availability.

9. Be prepared for a pre-employment drug screening. Many of our clients require us to do pre-employment drug screening. Both Flexible Staffing and our clients have “No Tolerance” policies in place, therefore, if you are not able to pass a drug screen you will not be hired.

10. Always call our office and the client if you are going to miss any work for any reason. ONE NO CALL, NO SHOW IS CAUSE FOR TERMINATION.

Let your job search start and end with us.